At Northeast, we believe that our lives are better connected to intentional community. This happens best in Life Groups. Our Life Groups are committed to 12 months of doing life together by pursuing a right relationship with God & others.

Life Groups are smaller groups of people in the context of the following:

  • Eight to twelve adults
  • Similar stage of life or various stages of life
  • Meet regularly for 12 months
  • Encourage each other to be intentional in how we pursue a right relationship with God & others

Basic Information to Know

  • Groups typically meet at least 2x per month
  • Most of our groups meet socially over the holidays and summer

How to Join A Life Group

We’ve designed 2 easy on ramps to join a Life Group. Each fall and winter new Life Groups are opened. Life Group Connect events are the best on ramps to join a Life Group.

When you register to attend a Life Group Connect event, we’ll match you with an initial connection group comprised of people who have similar group preferences. If this group works for you, great! If it doesn’t, volunteers will help you find a different group at the event. We won’t assign you to a group.

Wanting to join a Life Group?

Our next Life Groups Connect Event will be held this fall.

Please note that our Life Groups are filled for seasons of time after they kick off. We do this in order to help our Life Groups connect and do life together.

Want to see a list of our available Life Groups?

Click here for a list of our current Life Groups.

Questions about our Life Groups?

Please contact use here.