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Life is better connected.

At Northeast, we believe that our lives are better connected to intentional community. This happens best in Life Groups.

Here’s what our Life Groups look like:

  • Consist of 8-12 adults
  • Meet regularly for 12 months (at least twice monthly)
  • Encourage each other to be intentional in how we pursue a right relationship with God & others
  • Provide care for one another as needs arise

This is where real, life-enriching relationships can form and develop. Our Life Groups are committed to doing life together where everyone is known and cared for as they pursue a right relationship with God and others.

How to Join a Life Group


We’ve designed 2 easy on ramps to join a Life Group. Each fall and winter new Life Groups are opened. Life Group Connect events are the best on ramps to join a Life Group.

When you register to attend a Life Group Connect event, we’ll match you with an initial connection group comprised of people who have similar group preferences. If this group works for you, great! If it doesn’t, volunteers will help you find a different group at the event. We won’t assign you to a group.

Can’t wait for our next Life Group Connect Event? Contact Leslie at leslie@northeastcc.com for more info on our Life Groups.

Find a Life Group

Our next Life Groups Connect Event will be in September
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